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[Interview] Fossil Games Discusses New Indie Horror Game 'Sunshine Manor'

Blood-soaked 8-bit Horror RPG Sunshine Manor releases today on Steam and the creators at Fossil Games joined us for an exclusive interview about their new game!

We had the opportunity to sit down with the creators of new Horror RPG Sunshine Manor, Fossil Games to celebreate the game's release this week. Paul and Josh are no strangers to us. They have previously spoken with us on the Slay Away horror podcast for a campfire chat about all things horror and the origins of their debut release, Camp Sunshine (2016). Their debut was a love letter to retro gaming and classic 1980s horror films. The game takes inspiration from movies such as From Beyond (1986), Friday the 13th (1981) and A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984), while mixing gameplay mechanics from games like The Legend of Zelda, Resident Evil and Silent Hill series.

Sunshine Manor is an 8-bit blood-soaked indie horror game where you'll play as Ada MacReady. Dared to spend the night in the haunted Sunshine Manor Ada encounters ghosts, demons, plenty of pixelated gore and more in this prequel to Camp Sunshine. You'll cross between the mortal and demon realms as you explore all the horrors the old Aitken House has to offer. Published by Hound Picked Games, genre fans can play the game on October 28, 2021. It will release initially on Steam followed by all platforms, Xbox, Playstation and Switch in 2022.

When it comes to horror games, Sunshine Manor is all about the tension, it doesn't rely purely on jump scares, although you're sure to find a few as you explore Aitken House! The game aims to deliver many features that will help it differ from your typical horror game, with elements like, beautifully hand-drawn 8-bit pixel art, exploration of a changing mansion, a perilous adventure as you journey between realms, a 1980s synthwave soundtrack written exclusively for Sunshine Manor, power-ups and costumes to help players in their quest, encounters with a host of unique characters and plenty of comedic relief.

Horror fans will be delighted to know that British illustrator and visual artist, Graham Humphreys, best known for producing classic movie posters created limited edition cover art for Sunshine Manor available only to Kickstarter backers. During the 1980s, Graham worked alongside Palace Pictures producing posters and more for movies including Basket Case (1982), The Evil Dead (1981) and A Nightmare On Elm Street among others!

We chatted with Fossil Games co-creators Paul and Josh about all things Sunshine Manor, their love of horror and what fans of Camp Sunshine can expect from this addition to the Sunshine franchise.


Slay Away: How did you two discover your love of horror?

Fossil Games: Josh sort of gravitated to it at a young age. He remembers specifically going to watch A Nightmare On Elm Street III: Dream Warriors when he was about four-years-old and absolutely loving it. Paul on the other hand, discovered it with his Dad, watching The Fly and A Nightmare On Elm Street III when he was 10-years-old and he remembers his Dad saying, "This is really cool." From that point on he was a horror freak and always has been.

Slay Away: Tell us about Sunshine Manor and what fans of your first game Camp Sunshine can expect to sink their teeth into?

Fossil Games: Sunshine Manor is the prequel to Camp Sunshine, it goes back about 7-years prior to the Camp Sunshine story, exploring the history behind the Sunshine name, how it came to be and the lead up to Camp Sunshine. It's all centered around Ada, who is trapped in the Manor and hunted by The Shadow Man. Expect action, adventure, horror, boss battles, psychic powers and hover crafts.

Slay Away: You've called Camp Sunshine a love letter to 1980s horror... can we expect more of those Easter Eggs to appear in Sunshine Manor?

Fossil Games: Yes! There are plenty of surprises, but the references will be more subtle and difficult to decipher, but we think hardcore horror fans will be able to figure them out. We look forward to fan theories and discussion surrounding the Sunshine Manor Easter Eggs.

Slay Away: In Sunshine Manor, we'll play as title character Ada MacReady, tell us about her?

Fossil Games: First and foremost, Ada isn’t your typical 1980s horror movie damsel in distress. Although she might be trapped inside the Aitken House, Ada is more than capable of stopping the unfolding nightmare and ending the Shadow Man’s reign of terror over the ghostly inhabitants of the manor. Ada doesn’t have just her wits to protect her though. She has latent psychic powers, triggered as she enters the Mansion, allowing her to vanquish demons, ward off the Shadow Man and solve devious puzzles that would trap any mere mortal. However, with every reward there is also a great risk at hand. The range of your psychic abilities is a bit short, so you have to get close to vanquish these evil rascals and force the Shadow Man back into his lair. You might recognize the voice of Ada as Enola Lugosi if you listen to the Slay Away horror podcast.

Slay Away: Tell us about the old Aitken House?

Fossil Games: The old Aitken House has sat abandoned for the past four-years. The local children have told stories of the gruesome murders that happened there all those years ago. Ada and her two friends pluck up the courage to knock on the door… the rest is for players to discover as they explore.

Slay Away: What can we expect to encounter in the Demon Realm?

Fossil Games: A full roster of baddies. Some are out for blood, while others are a little bit more relaxed. Expect to encounter every creature we could possible think of. Each area of the manor is themed and we'll leave it for players to figure out each theme. It's a Zelda-style dungeon experience.

Slay Away: How will cosumes help players in their quest?

Fossil Games: Costumes will help players progress through secret areas of the game and that's all we can't give away more than that right now, but be on the look out for them to aid in your quest.

Slay Away: We hear that there is an adorable dog waiting for players in Sunshine Manor, tell us more about Gnarlie?

Fossil Games: Gnarlie is awesome. He's voiced by Paul's dog. You meet Gnarlie quite early in the game. He acts as an early warning sign, so heed his every warning. Yes, you can pet the dog.

Slay Away: Thank you for sitting down with us once again to discuss horror and Sunshine Manor!

Fossil Games: It's always pleasure, thanks for having us!


Fossil Games creator, Paul is based in the UK and Josh is based in the US. The two began creating games over their shared love of retro gaming, pixel art with outlines and 1980s horror movies. Nearly 6-years ago, they released the cult hit Camp Sunshine and were thrilled when it gathered a hugely positive reaction on Steam! Both Paul and Josh make these games as a side project, they love creating retro styled games dripping in horror. The development of both games has been a labor of love for the life long horror fans.

We can't wait to dive into Horror RPG Sunshine Manor, available now to wishlist, purchase and play on Steam. Join the Fossil Games Discord server to stay in touch with the creators.


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