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[CFF 2022] THE BLOOD OF THE DINOSAURS - Uncle Bobbo and the Tragic Origin of Fossil Fuels

Ashley Anderson says Stalba’s performance is eerie, but the film’s horror elements distract from the intended message.

A still from THE BLOOD OF DINOSAURS directed by Joe Badon and co-written with Jason Kruppa screened at CFF 2022.
Courtesy of Joe Badon

The Blood of the Dinosaurs, directed by Joe Badon and co-written with Jason Kruppa, centers around dinosaur blood and how the effect of corporate greed has led to its use as a product that would be unethical to use otherwise. Uncle Bobbo (Vincent Stalba) is used as a device to ‘teach’ children about the origins of oil. While there is a real sense of comedy in this short film, there are ecological horror elements that emphasize the central theme of over-harvesting fossil fuels.

“Joe Badon delivers a surreal and eerie educational eco-horror tale.”

Stalba’s performance is convincing and adds to the eerie atmosphere, but other elements distract from it. Ultimately, Uncle Bobbo’s actions' complexity is muddied by the comedic relief of side characters like Purity (Stella Creel) and Grandpa Universe (John Davis). The short is essentially a cautionary ecological horror story. At its core, it seeks to convey a serious message. Still, the chosen footage to explain that message transforms it into a narrative about birth and reincarnation in such a ridiculous fashion that the film’s intent is blurred.

The Blood of the Dinosaurs was screened at the Chattanooga Film Festival as part of the WTF (Watch These Films) - Strange and Magical Shorts Showcase.



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