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Sarah Adina Smith’s Acclaimed Feature Debut THE MIDNIGHT SWIM Re-Releases This Month

The relationship of three half-sisters unravels as they are drawn deeper into the mysterious disappearance of their mother in The Midnight Swim.

Aleksa Palladino, Lindsay Burdge, Jennifer Lafleur in The Midnight Swim (2014)

The Midnight Swim world premiered at the 2014 Fantasia International Film Festival and went on to win the Breakthrough Audience Award from AFI Fest and Best Feature Film from the Denver International Film Festival and marked the debut feature of Sarah Adina Smith.

Half-sisters Isa, June, and Annie in the wake of the disappearance of their mother, Dr. Amelia Brooks, during a deep-water dive in Spirit Lake. The three women decide to travel home to settle their affairs, where they accidentally summon a local ghost and find themselves drawn deeper into the mysteries of the lake as their relationship begins to unravel.

Written and directed by Sarah Adina Smith, the film stars Aleksa Palladino, Lindsay Burdge, Jennifer Lafleur, and Ross Patridge. The film was produced by Jonako Donley and Mary Pat Bentel. The film is a haunting slow burn peering at the family dynamic with no shortage of emotional trauma that will linger on your mind long after the credits roll.

The Midnight Swim will be released digitally from Yellow Veil Pictures on January 25, 2022, preceded by a special collector’s edition BluRay currently available for pre-order as part of Yellow Veil Pictures' partnership with OCN Distribution, and sister company of Vinegar Syndrome.

The release features artwork from celebrated polish poster artist, Aleksander Walijewski and the new home video edition of the film will include the following bonus features:

  • Commentary with Sarah Adina Smith, Aleksa Palladino, Lindsay Burdge, Jennifer Lafleur, and Ross Patridge.

  • Sarah Adina Smith’s 2009 short THE SIRENS (13’)

  • Sarah Adina Smith’s 2007 never-before-seen short THE PHOENIX AND THE TURTLE ( 2’)

  • Special Featurette: THE THREE SISTERS; A look back at THE MIDNIGHT SWIM with Sarah Adina Smith (28’)

  • Limited Edition Booklet Featuring:

    • Never before seen THE MIDNIGHT SWIM artwork drawn by Sarah Adina Smith

    • Essay from film critic Justine Smith.

    • Essay from culture writer Nicole Cliffe.

  • Reversible cover art and slipcover by Aleksander Walijewski

  • Theatrical Trailer

  • English Subtitles



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