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[CFF 2022] CUBED ROW Review - An Invasion of the Surreal

Jaclyn Bartlett says Cubed Row offers a captivating experience, creating a unique world through its stunning visual elements.

CUBED ROW directed by Gonzalo Nosal at the 2022 Chattanooga Film Festival
Courtesy of Gonzalo Nosal

The science fiction short film Cubed Row, written and directed by Gonzalo Nosal, follows Wilde (Amber Jones) as she explains the oncoming destruction of the universe, the Ovra, to other beings. Despite unique concepts presented through stunning and strange visuals, it becomes clear this surreal world is not so different from our own. It is clear that vast talent and creativity went into making this unique world come to life.

Throughout its short runtime, Cubed Row boasts a plethora of stunning art forms, including makeup, special effects, animation, costume design, and excellent cinematography. The world within the film is surreal, yet with so many detailed elements, it feels tangible. The choice for the majority of the short to be in black and white makes the few moments of color really pop, capturing our attention and further immersing us in this bizarre and intriguing vision. As strange as the story may be, the idea of protecting the world from oncoming doom hits close to home with the effects of climate change looming before us. The characters debate whether or not something must be done to prevent the world’s destruction through commentary on our society’s own reaction to the climate crisis.

Cubed Row creates a strange yet believable world through artistic and eye-catching visuals. The film provides an intriguing commentary on the reaction to oncoming destruction that is reflective of our own climate crisis. A lot of thought clearly went into creating this world, a world I’d love to become immersed in and learn more about.

Cubed Row was screened at the Chattanooga Film Festival on June 23-28, 2022.



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