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The Slay Team is looking for features that inform, educate, and provide thoughtful analysis of horror media through reviews and essays. If you're interested in writing for Slay Away, please note:

  • We provide feedback on every initial pitch submitted to us, review your inbox for a reply, even if your pitch is not accepted.

  • You are not guaranteed to be published, but our team will always promptly communicate our decision and notes on your pitch.

  • We'll accept unconventional writing samples demonstrating your writing ability and ability to provide well-rounded analysis, research, and commentary.

  • Review this guide on How To Pitch if you need help putting a pitch together, and our team will reply with questions and feedback.

  • Approved pitches will be paid $10 (Review) and $20 (Essay) USD when a feature is published, rates are subject to change as we grow.

We are an independent online horror magazine of content writers, hoping to grow as we share our passion for horror with the community through our writing. Our mission is to feature writing through the queer and/or female lens while giving writers opportunities to develop their skills through a hands-on editing process with constructive feedback on every submission. Slay Away is just one stop on your journey, and we want to help you eventually publish any and everywhere.


If you want to pitch a feature, please use the form below. If you have questions, please email our Editor at

Thank you for your pitch!
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