Create written reviews for film and television, pitch editorials, cover horror news and events, and create listicles. Seasonal opportunities to attend festivals, press screenings, and conventions are available.


Work with the editorial staff reviewing feature submissions, editing, proofreading, fact-checking, and preparing features for publishing. Ensure all features adhere to our style guide and branding tone.


Write features, reviews, and news for horror video games. Requires ability to play and review games, conduct interviews and meet game release and coverage deadlines for games PR opportunities.


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We are looking for horror enthusiasts to join the Slay Team. Team members will have the opportunity to generate ideas for new content, self-edit features before publication, work with an editorial team hands-on, receive writing assignments and feedback, pitch features and participate in film and other festival coverage. All opportunities are freelance roles with the opportunity for paid editorial features including editorial essays and columns and film festival or other convention pass reimbursement. Other assignments include screener reviews, listicles, author and filmmaker interviews and news coverage.


We are an independent horror outlet of seasoned content writers within the horror community. Our contributors and staff are primarily made up of volunteers with a passion for the horror genre. While some paid opportunities are available, positions firstly freelance and volunteer based.

Coverage Interests
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