VAMPIRE: THE MASQUERADE - BLOODHUNT Hits Nearly Thirty-Thousand Active Players Following Its Launch

The free-to-play battle royale is growing in popularity following its full launch last month.

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt gameplay still.
Courtesy of Sharkmob

A new free-to-play battle royale based on the roleplaying game Vampire: The Masquerade has officially been released. VAMPIRE: THE MASQUERADE - BLOODHUNT launched on Steam and PS5 on April 27, and its popularity is quickly growing. The game taps into a dedicated fan base. The video game even has a dedicated Discord server for players to interact with each other. It reached 15,000 active players at launch over 24 hours, with an all-time high of 29,000 over the last 30-days on Steam. Sharkmob, the AAA developer behind the game, is a relatively small team new to AAA online gaming, and considering the lack of marketing, the game is performing exceptionally well. The game has nearly 10,000 viewers on Twitch and a following of around 95,000 Twitch users. The team recently released news regarding the feedback from players post-launch.

The third-person battle royale allows players to battle each other and AI enemies as they fight to be the last vampire standing. Set in the World of Darkness universe in Prague during a war amongst vampire clans, the game offers players several options. Players can customize character appearances, use supernatural abilities, and play single-player, multiplayer, or ranked game modes. Vampire clans include the Ventrue, Brujah, Nosferatu, and the Toreador. Each clan allows for play as a particular type of vampire with unique skills and abilities. The game also includes a Battle Pass with premium rewards of over 100 items, including outfits, accessories, emotes, currency packs, XP boosts, and more. Microtransactions like this have become relatively common with battle royales since the success of Fortnite. Like Fortnite, the crossplay is supported between PC and PS5 on the Prague map.

BLOOD HUNT joins a crowded field of battle royale games, and while it may not overtake them, it’s a refreshing spin on the game mode, with beautiful graphics, solid gameplay, and a growing community. There is enough here to give gamers a reason to join the masquerade, and we hope to see more players sink their teeth in. For additional gameplay videos and updates, follow Bloodhunt on YouTube.