THE TWIN Premieres in Theaters and on Shudder This Week

Motherhood, grief, and a strong sign of the occult put The Twin at the top of our watchlist.

THE TWIN follows an American family after they move across the world to the quaint Finland countryside in the wake of their young son’s untimely death from a tragic accident. As the boy's mother begins to unravel mentally, the surviving twin starts to claim his dead brother is contacting him through a spirit that appears to be much more insidious.

The film stars Theresa Palmer (Warm Bodies) and Steven Cree (Outlaw King) as the troubled parents, Rachel and Anthony. In his film debut, Tristan Ruggeri (The Witcher) plays haunted twin Elliot, and Barbara Marten (The Turning) also appears as a concerned elderly woman, Helen, who tells Rachel about her son, “It’s just his brother that comes to him at night.” Frequent collaborators Taneli Mustonen and Aleksi Hyvärinen, who previously worked together on Finnish films like the slasher Lake Bodom (2016) and the comedy remake of The Renovation (2020), wrote the original screenplay. The film will mark Mustonen’s first English-language feature as a director. The film was shot on location in both Finland and Estonia.

THE TWIN debuted at the Night Visions Film Festival to Finnish audiences last March and previously earned the award for Best Fiction at the Finnish Film Affair (FFA) in 2020 for its unique exploration of grief. The film was also selected as a part of Frontières Platform, a genre-focused event collaborating with Fantasia and Cannes’ Marche du Film.

A trailer released by IGN features some striking views of the vast woodlands and foreboding displays of cult-like figures donning all white. It feels as if Midsommar (2019) and Hereditary (2018)—two of my favorite horror films—had their own very creepy lovechild. I’m eager to see whether or not it lives up to that hype or if it will fall victim to the horror genre’s most apparent tropes, and what new observations it will make about families torn apart by tragedy. As a fan of folk horror, ominous forest backdrops, and explorations of family trauma, the film has been firmly placed on my watch list.

THE TWIN premieres in theaters globally in 33 countries, including North America, and will stream exclusively on Shudder on May 6, 2022.