The CW Series TWO SENTENCE HORROR STORIES Finds a New Home Trending on TikTok

Two Sentence Horror Stories is making waves in short-form videos on TikTok.

A still from TWO SENTENCE HORROR STORIES episode "Plant Life" directed by Vera Miao.
Courtesy of The CW

It’s fascinating to look back and learn how specific trends started, and two-sentence horror stories are no exception. The concept originated in 2014 on r/TwoSentenceHorror. Currently, the community has nearly a million members. It soon spread to other platforms and into The CW series Two Sentence Horror Stories (2017) created by Vera Miao, which has since become available on Netflix, with episodes following characters facing their fears described in just two sentences. The newest season premiered on The CW in January 2022.

This concept has, in recent years, blown up on TikTok, with the earliest video posted in 2020. The short-form video hosting platform happened to be the perfect place for the trend to find new life, with videos gaining over one million views. There are even accounts dedicated to this type of content. The TikTok videos are filmed in two ways: the story is acted out with captions and tense music, or a picture or video with captions and similarly eerie music is used.

A two-sentence horror story aims to try and invoke fear in the least amount of time. You can tell an entire story in just two sentences, and the implications made are often the best part. Details are unnecessary, and the viewer is allowed to fill in the gaps with whatever nightmares their minds can conjure up. All you have to do is hint at a terrifying scenario. The lack of context is enough to induce fear. The anxiety of the unknown keeps people up at night, and that’s what these videos are intended to do.

It’s projects like these that transform the entertainment industry. An idea growing from a community forum to a full-on production is a leap any creator should strive to achieve. You never know when a simple idea will transform into a pop culture trend.

The fourth season of Two Sentences Horror Stories episodes is streaming on The CW.