[PODCAST] Behind the Podcast with E.L. King - Meet the Host of Slay Away

Slay Away is a horror podcast with a little something for everyone.


Welcome to the Slay Away horror podcast dear creatures of the night. Join E.L. King as they take you behind the podcast to get to know them as a creator and the love of horror, lore, gore, true crime, and film factoids that brought the podcast to life. Rest your weary bones and dig in as they chat about their favorite horror films, how they discovered their love of horror, Silver Bullet (1985)—a highly underrated creature feature—werewolf lore, and more.

You can #SlayAwayWithUs for new episodes on Fridays as we chat about lore, gore, the inspiration behind your favorite horror films, and every kill in between with special guests.

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"It's Slaying Time" is performed by voice actor Chris Kane.


January 29, 2021


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