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Occult Mexican Horror HUESERA, Michelle Garza Cervera's Debut Set For Tribeca World Premiere

Michelle Garza Cervera’s breakout feature directorial debut, Huesera will world premiere in Tribeca's Midnight Section next month.

Natalia Solián as Valeria in Michelle Garza Cervera's Mexican Horror film HUESERA at Tribeca Film Festival.
Courtesy of XYZ Films

Valeria's (Natalia Solián) joy at becoming pregnant with her first child is quickly taken away when she's cursed by a sinister entity. As danger closes in and relationships with her family become fractured, she's forced deeper into a chilling world of dark magic that threatens to consume her. A group of witches emerges that could be her only hope for safety and salvation, but not without grave risk.

A horror film that taps into the anxiety inherent in childbirth and turns it into a chilling thriller set in present-day Mexico City, Huesera boldly challenges the expectations of women's roles in society and delivers dread with physically powerful moments of anxiety and mountingly ominous settings. Inspired by the experiences of three generations of her family, Michelle Garza Cervera’s hotly-anticipated feature debut comes charged with intimate humanity while still rooting itself in a world of witchcraft and spirits. The emotionally transgressive film is paired with a punk soundtrack composed of acclaimed and modern bands from Latin America and Spain, including the director's own band, Forra.

Cervera has long been a talent to watch in the Mexican genre film scene and her breakout debut comes following her experience directing celebrated short films that have been selected in over a hundred film festivals around the world, including Fantastic Fest, the Fantasia International Film Festival, and Sitges. Huesera is co-written by Abia Castillo and produced by Machete and Disruptiva in co-production with Señor Z, Maligno Gorehouse, IMCINE, Terminal, Simplemente, and Estudios Churubusco

The film stars Natalia Solián, Alfonso Dosal (Netflix’s Narcos: Mexico), Mayra Batalla (Prayers for the Stolen), Mercedes Hernández (Identifying Features), Aída López (Capadocia), and Martha Claudia Moreno.

Huesera will be released by XYZ Films following its Tribeca Film Festival premiere on June 9, 2022.



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