NIGHT SHIFT Director Karlee Boon Announces Leads

A teenage waitress harnesses the power to bite back against misogyny in her conservative 1980s town.

Chynna Rae Shurts (left), Karlee Boon (center), Marlowe Eduvijes Lee (right) behind-the-scenes

Night Shift director Karlee Boon announces the leads for her horror short and is currently filming on location in Portland, Oregon. Marlowe Eduvijes Lee, a non-binary chicanx multidiscinplinary artist, fills the role of fiercely independent, rebellious and determined Cheryl Bennet. Portland based actress, Chynna Rae Shurts, will play Cheryl's best friend Darcy Blake. Boon is co-writing and producing the film in addition to directing. Her other short film projects include the upcoming Takeout, Camp Calypso (2020) and Fanatico (2019).

In the summer of 1985, best friends Cheryl and Darcy waste the days after high school graduation waitressing at the only diner in their middle-of-nowhere town: Myrtlewood, Oregon. Suffocated by the hypocrisy of small-town conservatism and their own reputations, the girls fantasize about the day that they can finally ditch it all for good. After a mysterious late-night animal attack, Cheryl undergoes a strange physical transformation that may finally empower both girls to take charge of their own future.

Night Shift explores the personal and social dilemmas of protagonist, Cheryl, as she fights to overcome rampant misogyny and workplace harassment, all while navigating that mortifying in-between of young adulthood. It's a neon-soaked amalgamation of modern feminist horror, '80s werewolf flicks and coming-of-age teen comedies a la Amy Heckerling and John Hughes. Think Ginger Snaps (2000) meets Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982).

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