Mark Mylod Plates a Tasteful Blend of Horror and Comedy with THE MENU

A deliciously ominous dark comedy and gourmet horror film is coming this fall.

Ralph Fiennes and Anya Taylor-Joy in the upcoming dark comedy horror film THE MENU (2022) directed by Mark Mylod.
Courtesy of Searchlight Pictures

What’s on the menu? It plays as suspense with a hint of dark comedy, and exquisite food in The Menu (2022). The film is directed by Mark Mylod, known for his work on Game of Thrones (2015-2017), Shameless (2011-2018), and Succession (2018-2021). Searchlight's newest film brings together a range of genre filmmakers. A Quiet Place (2018) editor Christopher Tellefsen, Don't Look Up (2021) director Adam McKay, Mulholland Drive (1990-1991) cinematographer Peter Deming, and Hereditary (2018) composer Colin Stetson have joined forces to create a culinary nightmare for horror lovers to digest. The cast includes Ralph Fiennes, Anya Taylor-Joy, Janet McTeer, Nicholas Hoult, and John Leguizamo.

The film’s trailer was teased in theaters before being officially released online. It depicts a couple, Tyler (Hoult) and Margot (Taylor-Joy), making their way to a far-off island to eat at a high-end restaurant. Despite the delicious and opulent cuisine, it appears something more sinister is afoot. Chef Slowik (Fiennes) runs a tight ship, but something is off. Slowik states, "Over the next few hours, you will ingest fat, salt, protein, and at times, entire ecosystems.” He then claps his hands, creepy music plays, and order becomes chaos as the story is teased. What plans does Chef Slowik have in store?

Taking a trip to a remote island, away from civilization and help, is the best recipe for creating a horror film, so I'm excited to see how it plays out. Mylod's previous work speaks for itself, and I have high hopes for The Menu. Playing devil’s advocate, I’ll hazard a guess with these assuming questions. Will the diners be the next meal? Is cannibalism a part of the equation? I wonder if the absurdity of it all is meant as a mockery and critique of the culinary world. Chef Slowik is an eccentric lunatic who views food as art, but is he taking it too far? Perhaps. The film is headed our way just in time for the most abundant meal of all at Thanksgiving.

The Menu is set to release theatrically on November 18, 2022.