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[Interview] Writer and Director Sam Walker Discusses THE SEED on Slay Away

We had the opportunity to chat with Sam Walker about his science-fiction horror-comedy film The Seed coming to Shudder this month.

The debut feature film from Sam Walker, The Seed had it's world premiere at Beyond Fest in Los Angeles in October 2021. The creature feature was acquired by Shudder prior to its festival premiere. The horror film comments playfully on the desctructive force of social media and takes jabs at the toxicity of influencer culture. It boasts a vibrantly cosmic color pallette along with plenty of body and erotic horror and gore-filled moments that made us yell, "Oh my!" more than once when things got particularly ooey gooey. We laughed about as much as we got grossed out and loved it.

The Seed follows three long-time friends, two of them social media influencers on a weekend getaway to the Mojave Desert to capture a once in a lifetime meteor shower live with their followers. After a meteor crash lands in the pool of their luxury villa and an otherworldly creature appears, a battle for survival against the alien invader ensues. Walker calls the film an, "apocalyptic, inter-dimensional, alien sex flick” and you can expect it to be a romp in the desert you won't soon forget.

The film stars Lucy Martin, Sophie Vavasseur and Chelsea Edge. Shudder, AMC Networks’ premium streaming service for horror, thrillers and the supernatural, will exclusively premiere its Shudder Original, The Seed on Thursday, March 10, 2022. Listen to our full exclusive interview with the film's writer and director Sam Walker on the Slay Away horror podcast.


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