[Interview] Donnie Goodman Discusses 'The Razorblades In My Head' And His Love Of Horror

Donnie Goodman's debut collection of horror stories made our skin crawl and ensured we'd leave the lights on when reading before bed.

Donnie Goodman weaves his love of extreme horror, gore and the 'Paperbacks From Hell' into his debut horror anthology titled after its terrifying opening story, The Razorblades In My Head. With cover art by Justin T. Coons, the collection includes 12 scary tales with varying horror themes. We've only just begun to dig into the collection, but it's already given us goosebumps. Readers can expect tales that include a talking toaster, a crabbing voyage that descends into chaos, a malevolent snowmen, the debut of a mysterious indie wrestler, a sacrifice in need of an hourglass, a paranormal cremator in search of a friend and much more.

"Scars are not a sign of where we have healed, they are a reminder of what we have buried beneath the skin."

Goodman calls himself a reader, writer and collector of horror fiction. He runs the bookstagram page and YouTube show, The Horror Hypothesis and writes book reviews for SCREAM! Magazine. When he is not out searching for the horror gems chosen by Grady Hendrix and featured in 'Paperbacks From Hell' in Central Virginia, he likes to spend his time reading, writing and playing video games.

The Razorblades In My Head, is out now and available to purchase at multiple book retailers and available on Amazon Kindle. Goodman also has some short stories coming soon from various publishers in the horror community including the recently released extreme horror anthology Gorefest. We had an opportunity to sit down with Goodman on the Slay Away podcast for a campfire chat interview about his love of horror and and his debut collection. You can check out a few experts from the interview below and listen to the full interview episode of Slay Away anywhere you enjoy consuming podcasts.


Slay Away: How did you discover your love of horror? This is definitely one of our favorite questions to ask.

Donnie: It's a great question and for me, I don't know the exact reason. It's one of those things where I love talking with pretty much anybody that's really into horror. Most people, I feel like, in my experience, it's been a life long love affair. For me, I've just kind of gravitated towards scary things my whole life. Anytime I had an opportunity to watch something or read something, so that's one of the reasons that horror fiction has long been a part of my life. I'm really intrigued by people that find their way into horror later in life. I've been into it as long as I can remember.

Slay Away: Did you always know that you would end up writing horror stories? Is that something that has always been a passion or a goal of yours?

Donnie: Yeah, for sure. I first started dipping my toes into the water with horror focused social media and bookstagram. I used to throw a lot of my manuscripts in the trash. It's daunting to write an entire novel. I decided to focus more on short fiction and that helped a lot for me personally. It's not necessarily easy. Writing a good short story is definitely hard. I definitely have a new respect after this process for novelists. My favorite thing in school was writing workshop. My teachers weren't thrilled with me writing science-fiction and horror of course, but I was an ferocious writer and reader as a kid. I knew that someday, I would figure it out. In November 2020, I started to dabble in short fiction after a submission call for dark Hallmark-style holiday themed horror stories... so I started working on Gobble, Gobble. I didn't finish the story in time to submit it, but I had about five stories and I said to myself, "I'm going to put something out in 2021!" I gave myself half a year to get the anthology done.

Slay Away: How often do you go on these, horror hunts, adventuring for horror paperbacks?

Donnie: A lot, definitely a lot! Yeah, I um, it depends, but even now if I'm going on a vacation, I will make half my trip about hunting for horror paperbacks. When I went to Los Angeles, I was there a week and I went to four or five bookstores, like Dark Delicacies, The Last Book Store and a few others and shipped a decent sized box back to Virginia. Anytime I go anywhere, I'm on Google Maps trying to find bookstores or paperback exchanges. I don't care if it's 50 miles away from where I am.


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