Goosebumps Author R.L. Stine to Debut the Limited Issue Horror Comic Series STUFF OF NIGHTMARES

R.L. Stine warns children goodnaturedly to “stay away from this series!”

STUFF OF NIGHTMARES cover art by Francesco Francavilla from the comic series by R.L. Stine from BOOM! Studios.

Appropriately horrifying, the Goosebumps series, written by R.L. Stine, has shaped many childhoods. Stine’s Twitter bio reads, "my job: to terrify kids." The Goosebumps series recently celebrated its 30th anniversary. Stine has pursued other writing ventures, expressly appealing to adults. A terrifying four-issue limited comic series titled Stuff of Nightmares will release from BOOM! Studios this fall.

With chilling art by A.J. Kaplan (Maw, Jim Henson’s The Storyteller) and colorist Roman Titov (Eat the Rich), along with cover art by Francesco Francavilla, Stuff of Nightmares takes all the familiar horror beats and makes them anything but typical. The first issue will tackle the tragedy of Frankenstein, and Kaplan hopes readers “get just as many chills down their spine as I did when they read this series for the very first time!” The series is poised to explore twists of the more well-known characters, creatures, and monsters—reimagining them in a grittier and scarier light.

More closely resembling Stine’s other popular series Fear Street, the comic is full of "truly macabre and creepy elements," stated Stine, along with "ghastly, gory, and I hope good stomach-churning fun." BOOM! Studios Bryce Carson, VP, Editorial & Creative Strategist stated, “we now have something terrifying to sink our teeth into as adults,” for those who grew up with Stine’s other horror series.

A BOOM! Studios press release announcing the series states:

"In the premiere of Stine’s reanimated reimagining, the monster you encounter isn’t the one you thought it’d be—you might be familiar with the classic tale of a mad scientist hell-bent on creating life, but what these two demented brothers have created is something else entirely! Get ready for a darker, more gruesome, and even more terrifying series for horror fans who are ready to face their fears in … STUFF OF NIGHTMARES!"

We’re ready for a dark, gruesome, and terrifying series. The first issue in the series will be available from BOOM! Studios in September 2022. Digital copies will be available through ComiXology, iBooks, Google Play, Kindle, and other digital on-demand services.