Dying Light 2 Stay Human Arrives This Winter

Dying Light 2 Stay Human will offer fans shiny new opportunities, pre-order bonuses, and special editions!

After two years, fans of Dying Light (2015) finally have an update on Techland’s follow-up to the first-person, open world action, survival game. In May 2021, several videos were uploaded to the Dying Light YouTube channel, including a nearly 8-minute Official Gameplay Trailer taking eager fans into the world of the Modern Dark Ages.

Players will traverse the map as Aiden Caldwell and parkour like never before, while experiencing three new factions, enemies that have evolved over the 15 years since the Dying Light story concluded. The game offers a new choice-based narrative system. The highly anticipated survival horror sequel also got a release date and is set to launch on December 7, 2021.

Who else let out an excited scream at the addition of a choice-based narrative system? It’s a big level-up for players. It offers replayability that its predecessor didn’t possess. The sequel allows us greater influence over the game, and the ability to shape the world around us, through faction interactions and the alliances we make. If you love combat, don’t worry, it still offers us not only zombies to fight, but opportunities to brawl with bandits, outlaws, and thugs, who prowl the city creating chaos. The combat system is also getting an upgrade, with multiple ways to engage enemies that suit your playstyle. We don’t know about you, but we're eager to encounter hordes of mutated and evolved infected in the darkness, while putting our parkour skills to the test against Virals. If you love loot, raiding nests at nightfall will provide players with even greater rewards, and we can’t wait to hit paydirt!

On the Dying Light 2 Stay Human website, you can find an extensive list of the different editions of the game available now for pre-order, both digital and physical retail. We'll personally be picking up the Limited Collector's Edition, which contains a deluxe edition of the game, a steel book, an artbook, a “Defender of The City” statuette, a UV flashlight, a Map of The City, 3 postcards, a “Voice of The City” stickers pack, an exclusive weapons trinket, and a thank-you letter from Techland’s Creative Director. This edition is only available on their website and in retail stores.

Players that pre-order the game will get three exclusive cosmetics. Digital editions of the game include Standard, Deluxe, and Ultimate... with the key differences being bonus digital items and downloadable story content. Fans looking for tangible exclusive items are going to get a lot more when grabbing a physical retail copy of the game, including not only the aforementioned digital items, but some if not all of the physical items we've called out in the Collector’s Edition. The best option for most hardcore fans, is going to be the Ultimate Edition that offers players a 2H Night XP Boost and extra crafting items.

The original Dying Light is one of our favorite survival horror games. In fact, we recently completed a special co-op playthrough in eager anticipation of the sequel’s release. While we wait until winter, assuming the game will not be delayed again, we can stay up to date with episodic content from the Techland team with a new web series, Dying 2 Know (2021). You can watch the first episode hosted by Leahviathan and Jonah Scott, the voice of protagonist, Aiden Caldwell, to hold you over.

Keep the hype alive, Survivors, it won’t be long now.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human releases on December 7, 2021 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S and Microsoft Windows.