Dead By Daylight’s Winter BONE CHILL Event Is Underway

Do you want to kill a Snowman? Dyllon Graham gives the latest winter event, 'Bone Chill' 4 Bloody Knives and hopes it signals a deviation in how Behaviour Interactive views events and what players really want out of them.

Have you ever wanted to hide inside a snowman? What about viscously destroying them? If you have dark delights to satifisy, your time has certainly come. Dead By Daylight announced its "Bone Chill" event on December 9, 2021, bringing with it a bevy of new charms, holiday sweater cosmetics, and killer weapons all wrapped in a bow by Dwelf himself. Dwelf is the lovable holiday alter ego of our favorite locker boy Dwight Fairfield, one of the original playable survivors who takes over Dead By Daylights social media accounts during the month of December.

Participating in the event is simple. As a Survivor, hop into one of six inflatable snowman that have animated within the trial. While inside, stay still as a means of evading the Killer, or wriggle around at a hilariously slow snail-like pace. Being inside of a snowman will protect you from one basic attack from the Killer, instead popping the snowman and rendering it useless for the duration of the trial. Killers will primarily interact with a snowman by smashing, slashing or otherwise demolishing it and flushing out any survivors lying in wait.

Ugly Sweater cosmetics are a staple of Dead By Daylight winter events.

Rewards from the Bone Chill event appear to be randomized and distributed through snowman interactions. Hopping into a frosty inflatable nightmare to block a hit or escaping the trial while inside the bowels of a snowman, ensures that players will earn rewards. Killers have the slightly more difficult task of hitting survivors disguised as a snowman. This isn’t always a simple task to orchestrate, but is made slightly easier if survivors are also looking to earn rewards and the Bone Chill in-game buff creating a sparkling winter glow around the characters.

Up to one random winter cosmetic can be awarded at the end of a trial under the following conditions:

  • If a Survivor uses a Snowman to protect themselves from a Killer's attack

  • If a Killer hits a Snowman while a Survivor is hiding inside

  • If a Survivor escapes through the Exit Gates while inside a Snowman

What's interesting about this event is the change in the gameplay loop. During the recent Halloween event, "The Midnight Grove", Behavior Interactive implemented a new rewards Tome in the Archives as a means to divvy up the unlockables. The Tome is a spin on the ever popular battle pass system. Completing challenges to get rewards can be fun, but also deeply arduous and grueling in Dead By Daylight, especially when holiday events span only the duration of a week or two. In 2020, special events weren’t entirely interactive and typically revolved around survivors holding the action button on things like in-game Pustula Plants to extract serum or working on special generators for bonus Bloodpoints. The fact that this winter season includes a more interactive event is by any standard, a good thing.

Bone Chill charm rewards for Killers and Survivors.

Personally, I find it unfortunate that this event does provide a pseudo buff to survivors, allowing them a means to escape a hit if they’re near a snowman, while offering killers no distinct advantage. This may be more a bigger complaint at a higher level of gameplay. The other side to that coin is that survivors may throw the match to meme around the trial inside of their the inflatable suits.

All things considered, the Bone Chill event is a step forward for Behaviour in how Dead By Daylight events should be handled. This iteration of events unlockables offers faster rewards for simply playing the game and more interactivity to make the trials themselves feel engaging, interesting and special. In addition to rewards, holiday lights adorn hooks, random map objects, lockers, generators and more to provide atmosphere. Add-ons have also returned in the form of the Winter Party Starter item returning to the Bloodweb. While I am satisfied with this event, I do hope that this signals a deviation in how Behaviour views events and what players really want out of them.

Behavior will host an "Around The Campfire: Holiday Special" on December 16, 2021 at 1:00PM Eastern Time on Twitch. Dead By Daylight is currently on sale through December 12, 2021 and the Bone Chill event will be active December 9-23, 2021. Don't forget to login daily for Season Of Giving rewards from Dwelf's advent calendar.