Alamo Drafthouse Celebrates Master of Horror John Carpenter with a SUMMER OF DARKNESS Series of the

A retrospective on one of the greatest masters of horror makes its way back to the big screen.

John Carpenter (2018), master of horror, directed of iconic films HALLOWEEN (1978), THE FOG (1980) and THE THING (1982).
Courtesy of Michael Muller

Horror is on the horizon, and it’s time to get ready for the spookiest summer of your life. Following their 25th Anniversary last month, Alamo Drafthouse and Fangoria invite fans of classic cult horror to the Summer of Darkness, revisiting one of the most celebrated filmmakers and masters of horror, John Carpenter. His movies have sent blood-splattered shockwaves through the horror genre with oft-bleak, wry, and impeccably-crafted gems released throughout the 1970s-1990s, leaving a trail of cinematic carnage in their wake.

Often underappreciated following the release of his beloved horror films, his vision and mastery of the craft allowed his films to age like fine wine. With themes that still resonate strongly today and tension you can cut with a bloody chef’s knife, Carpenter elevates his stories far above their pulpy premises. A true craftsman, he often pulled double, triple, or quadruple duty writing, directing, scoring, and even editing his films.

The Summer of Darkness begins the first weekend of June with screenings of Halloween (1978). Sit back, order popcorn and a beverage, and watch as Michael Myers terrorizes the town of Haddonfield, Illinois. The celebration continues until Labor Day, bringing more classic films like The Fog (1980), Escape From New York (1981), and The Thing (1982) back to the big screen.

Guests at select screenings will be treated to a surprise with a free, custom-designed letterpress poster featuring creative art from the original newspaper ads for Carpenter's films. Still, the screening gifts won’t last long as theater seats are already filling up quickly. Instead of soaking in the sun, spend an evening with Alamo Drafthouse for a Summer of Darkness.

Tickets are available to purchase online directly from Alamo Drafthouse here.